Strategic Partnerships

Diocese of Leicester

Inspiring Primaries is a mixed Church of England and Community Multi Academy Trust, supported by the Diocese of Leicester at member level. The Diocese values and celebrates each school’s ethos, distinctiveness and identity, regardless of whether its identity is explicitly Christian or not.

The Church of England Vision for Education, with its core values of Wisdom, Hope, Community and Dignity, is ‘hospitable to diversity, respects freedom of religion and belief, and encourages others to contribute from the depths of their own traditions and understandings.’

Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership (CEFEL)

National Professional Qualifications – delivering in partnership with the Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership.

Leicestershire County Council

We maintain a range of service level agreements with the Local Authority including, Human Resources, Safeguarding and Health and Safety.

YMD Boon

We have a long term relationship with YMD Boon who are involved with our architectural and construction projects from the design phase right through to completion.

Strong partnerships with other Trusts and Schools

Inspiring Primaries Academy Trust works closely with colleagues from other Diocese of Leicester multi-academy and single-academy trusts and other schools across Leicestershire. We are committed to collaborating, sharing expertise and learning from each other in a school-led improvement system which benefits pupils in all schools.

Confederation of School Trusts

Inspiring Primaries is a member of the Confederation of School Trusts which provides a voice for school trusts, advocating for ethical organisations, building a culture of system health and connecting and supporting executive and governance leaders.