Working in our Trust

IPAT is a very special place to work and learn. We aim to inspire all to flourish and succeed to ensure all our pupils do the very best to learn and progress in a nurturing environment.

Based in Leicestershire, a short distance from Junction 21 of the M1, our Trust consists of nine primary schools. As is the nature of their close, three-mile proximity, our academies afford colleagues the opportunity to work collaboratively on a frequent basis.

At IPAT, we are committed to providing world class education for all young people within our community and as such we recognise the pivotal role that our employees play in this respect.

The Trust places at the heart of its development a commitment to high quality professional development for all employees who join the Trust. We understand that by investing in our staff we will create an organisation with a shared vision and values that will transform education for young people.

The Trust is strongly committed to fostering a positive and healthy working environment with wellbeing and workload management at the forefront of all decision making.

We believe that to persistently provide a platform for our employees to excel, we must continually evolve and evaluate the processes we have in place. We do so by listening to our people, garnering their thoughts and subsequently working together to shape an enhanced working environment.


Continuous Professional Development

IPAT defines Continuous Professional Development as ‘Structured and facilitated activity for  staff intended to increase their teaching ability’.

The EEF state that ‘The impact of high quality Professional Development on pupil attainment compares to the impact of having a teacher with ten years experience rather than a new Graduate’. Therefore, IPAT recognises that a carefully planned programme of Continuous Professional Development is key in enabling the pupils and also the staff at our schools to flourish.

In line with the EEF’s ‘Effective Professional Development’ report, IPAT commits to staff professional development being built upon the following mechanisms.

CPDL at IPAT feature image


The diagram shows the CPDL offer that IPAT has for all teaching staff. The inner circle is the school, the middle circle the trust and the outer circle our wider partnerships. Meaningful collaboration is key to the CPDL offer the trust has.

The offer for 2023-24 includes:

  • At least 12 trust wide face to face CPDL sessions for teachers focused purely on teaching and learning strategies.
  • At least 6 trust wide CPDL sessions for support staff with a focus on Special Educational
  • Trained pedagogical coaches in every school.
  • Access to NPQ programmes through two different providers.
  • Supervisions for Designated Safeguarding Leads.