Our Vision and Values

Our vision is to inspire all to flourish and succeed. We do this by:

Graph rising up and the IPAT star sat above the highest reaching bar.

| Inspiring ambition

  • In seeking to ensure a world-class education for all our young people through an ambitious, high-quality, enriching curriculum supported by the very best teaching and learning.
  • For all our staff to work together to support our young people, with professional and personal development being at the heart of what we do.

Two hands are cupping the IPAT star.

| Inspiring inclusivity

  • ¬†For all our young people, no matter what their background, to flourish, grow and develop a love of learning.

Two hands are clasping each other and the IPAT star is above them.

| Inspiring collaboration

  • To secure the best possible experiences for young people and staff by working together and developing partnerships with parents, communities and other professional organisations.


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